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Traditional Chinese Medicine Trade in Services


---- high value-added, whole industry chain, service for human health

ciftis2014-05.jpgAs a unique service industry with international competitiveness, which China owns its independent intellectual property right, TCM services industry covered relevant businesses of medicine, education, research, industry, health care, culture, tourism and so on. With the worldwide spreading of TCM, TCM trade in service has developing widely. The services such as TCM acupuncture and tuina even own their unique international brand already. As the organizer of TCM trade in services field of CIFTIS, CIECTCM will continue provide quality services based on the organizing experiences from the former CIFTIS. CIECTCM will let you experience the charm of TCM services and share the achievements from the developing of TCM with you.

The exhibition and conference of TCM services field (planning):

  • Exhibition and presentation
  • Brand promotion conference of TCM health regimen project
  • Brand promotion conference of TCM trade in services investment project
  • Specialized explanation session of talent training of TCM health field
  • Brand promotion conference of TCM and ethnic medicine health
  • Bilingual lecture on TCM regimen
  • TCM services experience

Exhibiting policy of TCM services field:

  • ciftis2014-05.jpgUpon approval by the CIFTIS organising committee office, key leaders of enterprises attending the exhibition and conference of TCM trade in services field will be given tickets to important events at CIFTIS.
  • Upon approval by the CIFTIS and TCM services field organising committee office, public trade discussion areas will be provided free of charge to enterprises attending the exhibition and conference if required (specific location and size to be determined by the actual situation).
  • Trade matching services will be provided.
  • Publicity services provided.

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